Software to enable a decentralized world.

Shardus is building distributed ledger software to remedy the problems of traditional blockchains — scalability, decentralization and efficiency. The technology being developed will use dynamic state sharding to accommodate billions of daily active users, allowing for global-scale decentralized networks. The Shardeum and Liberdus networks are being developed using this technology.


All peer-to-peer networks built using Shardus will benefit from sharding and auto-scaling to provide high throughput, low latency, and immediate finality while maintaining the highest level of decentralization and security.

The supporting technology that allows for these features is our unique Shardus Consensus Algorithm, which is based on Proof-of-Quorum, in combination with the Shardus Distributed Ledger, which addresses the problems of linear scaling and state sharding as the network grows.


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Transactions are processed immediately and not grouped into blocks resulting in fully confirmed transaction times of just a few seconds.

Scalable Processing

Transactions are routed to groups of nodes (shards) so that not all nodes have to process all transactions and the network can scale to millions of transactions per second.

Scalable Storage

State data is distributed across multiple shards resulting in networks that can hold trillions of accounts without requiring each node to provide petabytes of storage.

Truly Decentralized

Off the shelf computers can be used as full nodes to earn a steady regular income without joining mining pools and providing the highest level of decentralization.


Proof-of-Quorum consensus provides the highest level of security and data consistency while maintaining energy efficiency.


Fixed periodic distributions given to nodes for providing resources removes the variance in reward and allows for long-term sustainable incentives.


The Shardus Token is an ERC-20 compliant token. The token is distributed for direct services contributed to the Shardus project and used for licensing the Shardus software. If you want to earn Shardus tokens, please let us know what you can do for the project. A report of distributed tokens is published each month.

The Shardus Token was previously called the "Unblocked Ledger Token" with the symbol ULT. It may still be listed on other sites with this name and symbol. Tokens available in the market are offered by individuals who have earned the tokens. The Shardus project does not trade it's token.


What is Shardus?

Shardus is a project with a mission to develop technology for the public benefit. It's focus is on advancing distributed ledger technology. The software developed by Shardus will be the foundation for global-scale decentralized networks. The Shardus software can be used as a starting point for other public or private decentralized networks by adding a custom application layer. Decentralized application which are built using Shardus will inherit many features including scalability, decentralization, effiency and sustainability. Applications built using Shardus will scale to accommodate more throughput as demand grows, simply by adding more nodes to the network.

What is Shardeum?

Shardeum is a smart contract platform built using the Shardus software. It uses the Ethereum Virtual Machine and is 100% compatible with Ethereum. It will have bridges to Ethereum and many other networks. It has a native coin used to pay transaction fees. Shardeum will have high transaction throughput, very low transaction fees, and true decentralization.

What is Liberdus?

Liberdus is a communication application built using the Shardus software. It also has a native coin used to pay transaction fees as well as tolls set by message recipients. Liberdus will have very fast transaction times, very low transaction fees, and sustainable rewards for validators. Liberdus holders can participate in the future direction of the network by voting on economic parameters like transaction fees, validator rewards and a maintenance fund.

Is there a token for Shardus project?

Yes, there is a token on the Ethereum and Polygon network called Shardus with the symbol (ULT). In the past this token was called Unblocked Ledger Token before being renamed to Shardus. The token is given in exchange for code development and other direct contributions to the Shardus project. The token was not sold in a presale or an ICO. Nor does the Shardus project sell the token on exchanges to raise funds. The tokens offered on AMMs are owned by those who earned it and not by the project.

What is the utility of the tokens?

The Shardus tokens are needed for licensing the Shardus software.

How can I obtain tokens?

To obtain the tokens directly from the Shardus project, you need to contribute effort or resources to the project. Tokens cannot be bought directly from the project. If you are a developer you should fill out the Join form and apply to join the development team to earn tokens that way. You can buy or sell the tokens from an exchange or from those who have earned the token. The Shardus project is not involved with exchange listings or facilitating trades.

Is the Shardus project open source?

Yes, once the project is completed, the source code will be made available under a Creative Commons BY-NC-SA license. After 50 years, it will be available under a Creative Commons BY license with no restrictions. Anyone interested in reviewing the code during development, may do so with a NDA which expires after the code is released.

Where can I get answers to more questions?

You can check the Advanced FAQ on our Wiki. If you still have questions, email [email protected] or ask on our Discord server.

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We are looking for awesome engineers. If you want to be on the cutting edge of blockchain technology and build a product that will change the world, send us a note. If you can support the project in other ways, please let us know.